Installation & Uninstallation Process

Let's face it, it's way past time someone designed a process to improve the safety and efficiency involved here.

1. Place your Hang Around™ platform about 4 or 5 feet from the base of the tree.

2. Place your first Climbing Stick on the tree with the bottom rung at about knee height and where the platform will be about 60-90 degrees around the tree to your left.

3. Once that first Climbing Stick is in place, use the carabiner to hang the Lifting Mechanism from the top rung. Using your cordless drill, wind off the majority of the 26 feet of webbing.

4. Attach the Lifting Harness to the platform in the provided tabs behind the seating position. And attach the swivel end of the Lifting Harness to the webbing from the Lifting Mechanism.

5. Lay out the remaining Climbing Sticks top-to-bottom side by side on the ground floor.

6. Use the Climbing Stick Tether System to connect all Climbing Sticks.

7. We use the Hanger Harness by Hunter Safety System. Place your cordless drill in the utility pocket on your right side, and the Lifting Mechanism in the utility pocket on your left side. Attach a Lifeline to the tether on your back.

8. Using the Lineman’s Belt, maintaining 3 points of contact to the tree, begin your ascent. As you reach the top of one Climbing Stick, use the tethering system to pull up the next Climbing Stick.

9. Once you’ve installed the 4 or 5 Climbing Sticks to reach your desired height, install the lifeline to the tree. Attach the Lifting Mechanism to that lifeline.

10. Using your cordless drill, raise the platform into place.

11. The cross check bubble level will help you to know when the stand is high enough to be flat relative to pitch.

12. Go ahead and anchor the top ratchet strap.

13. Using the Articulating Adjustment Bracket and the bubble level, you can now adjust for roll.

14. Once you’re satisfied with pitch and roll, anchor the bottom ratchet strap.

15. Then anchor the ratchet strap below the top strap.

For uninstallation, reverse process.

Videos of this process on each platform are coming soon.