Safe, Strong, Spacious

Heaven’s Trail is more than just a tree stand company. It’s a mindset.

When we first started we didn’t ask, “How can we make a good tree stand?”

We asked, “How good can it be made?”

This company was forged with one goal in mind: making the safest, strongest, and most spacious elevated platform possible.

To create something different, we had to do something different.

We brought innovative thinkers from all realms of industry and started from scratch instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. During this journey, we formed an inspired team of individuals that share our passion for perfection.

We looked outside the box for new, innovative materials and designs.

We researched, engineered, and constructed.

We took them out in the field to see how they performed.

And when something wasn’t quite right, we went back to the drawing board.

It took 4 years and 7 generations of product development to create the market-ready products we have today.

Our constant evolution and growth is what enables us to provide you with the best and safest elevated hunting experience possible.

The only common denominator we share with our competitors is that we manufacture tree stands. Our meticulous process is thorough and personal; we have intentionality in everything we do.

Looking back on this process we cut no corners in making the ultimate hunting tool. It’s designed to make you more comfortable and more successful while doing what you love, safely.

The result of all of this? Well, we think we’ve made a pretty damn good stand.