About Us

We see a gap in the market relative to elevated platform options. There's the $500 and less priced options and then the $3,000 and higher priced options. Nothing really in that gap.

From a user perspective, that’s where we want to be. From a business perspective, that’s the space for opportunity.

Across the board, we wanted improved safety, stronger yet lighter weight materials, and a more user-friendly installation, and uninstallation, process.

We wanted more platform space and comfort than the lower priced options. We wanted more flexibility in changing locations than the higher priced alternatives.

We started with a consumer product design and development firm. They did a terrific job of helping us with market studies, understanding our product goals and drafting 3D CAD files of our designs. Not so much of a terrific job managing costs on those designs.

So 2 years into a 9 month agreement, we decided to engage with a different engineering group and tasked them with keeping our features but reducing costs to manufacture. What we learned in that process is that consultants and engineers are terrific with the initial phases of new product development.

But when it comes to manufacturability, raw materials costs, coordinating multiple vendors, and fabrication costs, the consulting piece is complete. At that point, it’s time to find manufacturing expertise that matches your product.

That's when we decided to take the SolidWorks® files and talk directly with manufacturers. Selecting the best domestic manufacturer for our requirements was critical. And we did just that.

Our goal has never been to sell the most, we want to sell the very best.

For you.